Pools and leisure

Behind the scenes, recreational facilities such as public pools often consume much more energy than visitors suspect. However, high costs and heavy environmental burdens can be avoided: the higher the degree of utilization of a 2G CHP, the greater the long-term dividends.

Cogeneration for public pools

Predestined for savings

Virtually no other recreational facility consumes as much energy as public pools. The air-conditioning and lighting of the premises as well as the water treatment for the swimming pools and showers require huge amounts of electric and thermal energy all year round. Depending on the type of bathing establishment, there are additional expenses for spa or sauna areas or even exterior swimming pools.

Many establishments have long since fallen far behind the current energetic standards and consume much more energy than necessary. Since most of them are publicly-owned this constitutes a burden for communal budgets.


This untapped savings potential can be unlocked with a combined heat and power system by 2G. In bathing establishments, any CHP planned and installed by 2G runs at continuously high degrees of utilization leading to an amortization after only a few years. Plus, entirely new opportunities for the utilization of the generated energy can be created by combining the system with a heat accumulator, a steam generator or an absorption cooler. Our battle-tested sound-proofing solutions guarantee an almost silent operation.

Cogeneration for event locations

Flexibility in every respect

Be it for sports, conventions or concerts: With regards to energy supply issues, especially multi-purpose event locations, such as exhibition halls, must be adaptable to the demand structure of their specific events. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, cogeneration perfectly meets the requirements of these event locations and is able to deliver the combined energy as required and year-round.

The more versatile an event location is, the more it is booked throughout the year – and the energy consumption increases accordingly. The highly efficient generation of electricity and heat enables combined heat and power systems by 2G to not only lower the energy costs permanently, but to significantly improve the environmental balance. In turn, this capacity contributes to an improvement of public perception and makes the location attractive as a site for sustainable events.


Our CHP solutions for leisure facilities

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