Trade and logistics

In this day and age, consumers simply assume that all goods are always available to them. E-commerce heavily impacted this development, but even in the stationary retail sector the customers' demands are increasing – and so are the energy costs.

Cogeneration for Trade and Logistics

More efficiency, lower emissions

The best way out of this situation:  a combined heat and power system by 2G. Its ability to cover electricity demands with an enormous efficiency while flexibly producing thermal energy makes cogeneration an interesting solution for the retail sector. Not only does this technology lower energy costs but it also significantly decreases the emission of greenhouse gases, potentially making it an important element of any sustainability concept.

Logistics centers

With the growing general trade volume, the diversity of traded goods is increasing as well. Therefore, logistic centers must occasionally adapt to special transport and storage requirements, such as cold chains, of certain goods.

All of this affects the energy consumption along the transport chains. As logistic centers grow in size and complexity, their energy consumption increases progressively. The challenge of the moment is meeting this demand at a reasonable cost while minimizing the impact on the environment because on both fronts there is an enormous need for action.

Furniture stores

The extraordinary energy demands of furniture stores are not solely due to their size, but also due to the nature of their goods. It is not without significance that upholstery requires permanently mild ambient temperatures. Agreeable temperatures also contribute to the customers' comfort and consequently prolong the duration of their stay. To this end, absorption coolers can keep the room air at an agreeable temperature during hot days.

Hardware stores

Since hardware stores mainly attract tech-savvy customers, a 2G CHP could not only be used as a cost-efficient technology to produce energy, but to generate additional interest and to distinguish the store from the competition.

Shops and shopping centers

Combined heat and power production provides a year-round pleasant shopping atmosphere in shops and shopping centers - whether that is as a standalone solution or integrated into an existing supply infrastructure doesn't matter. Integrating and operating a CHP is far less complicated than one would think.


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