Remanufacturing program

Spare your wallet and protect the environment – with components remanufactured by the original manufacturer

For the development and equipment of its products, 2G strictly relies on durable materials. Many of the components we use can therefore be reused beyond their initial life cycle – often even more than once.

As part of our Remanufacturing Program, the components get inspected, remanufactured, and are finally made available to you at a reduced price. This way, we live up to our environmental responsibility as a manufacturer while actively applying the principles of circular economy.

For you, that means you get the same quality for less money.

Your advantages

What is to be gained from the Remanufacturing Program?

Preservation of resources

Each remanufactured and reused component reduces the resource consumption and consequently the impact on the environment.

Equal quality

We inspect each remanufactured component to ensure that it meets the quality of new parts.

Reduced costs

You can save your hard-earned cash by using remanufactured parts.

What kind of components are being remanufactured?

The "long life" approach primarily involves resource-saving remanufacturing of the generator and engine with individual components such as crankcases, camshafts, crankshafts, cylinder heads, intercoolers or turbochargers.

Order now

You can order remanufactured components from the 2G Shop right now.