Digital solutions and control technology

Technological innovations that make a difference – and your life easier

Throughout its existence, 2G has not only produced groundbreaking innovations in the sector of gas engine technology: All our combined heat and power systems come with a sophisticated infrastructure consisting of features and services that create tangible benefits – for operators and 2G partners alike.

All-in-one solutions by 2G

All from one source. And in the best hands.

Proprietary engine technology

Highly efficient and powerful gas engines - developed and continuously perfected by our extensive team of experienced development engineers.

Proprietary control technology

Internally developed control solutions – perfectly adjusted to the proprietary 2G engine technology.

Predictive maintenance

Our intelligent malfunction prediction system, I.R.I.S., constantly monitors your system and detects irregularities before they even manifest.

Digital services

Ordering spare parts, managing documents, setting up interfaces to other systems – these and many other operations are made possible by the digital platform

Intelligent malfunction prediction

I.R.I.S. – so that your CHP simply works

I.R.I.S., the intelligent malfunction prediction system is a real piece of pioneering work by 2G. Every week, more than 400,000,000 sensor readings are transmitted by our systems installed across the world to be analyzed by our service department – a fully automated process. Based on this analysis, the system detects and reports irregularities before they even occur.


Consequently, our team can initiate the measures required to sustain the operation of the CHP.

The digital toolbox by 2G

Plant Manager

Always have an eye on your 2G system pool: Current performance data, essential parameters such as operating hours, outputs, temperatures, and status reports enable an overview at a glance.

Project Documents

In the “Project Documents” section, you can view and download all records and documents that were created throughout the system's service life with nothing but a few clicks.

Technical Data

The pertinent Technical Specifications, interface drawings, declarations of conformity, P&I diagrams, or Technical Manuals to operate the systems can be purposefully accessed online via this tool.


The control unit of a 2G system can be accessed on a terminal device via an encrypted connection. Therefore, all functions available at the site of the system are also available in real time at any other location.


The online shop for 2G spare parts is very convenient to use. In it, customers and partners can create custom order templates for recurring orders besides viewing their order histories.

Raw Data Connector

The RDC tool allows for the integration of the key system parameters into your own control center. In the case of 2G systems, no additional hardware needs to be installed for this measure.

Parts Catalog

The Parts Catalog contains current exploded views of 2G systems and product pictures of the various individual components. Thanks to the interactive search function, it is guaranteed that the spare parts are correctly identified.

Service Planner

The Service Planner creates the ideal link between the 2G Service team and the certified service providers or rather service partners. It guarantees the transparent and safe allocation of the service technicians.

Claims Manager

This tool serves as platform for the communication between 2G and the certified partner. The objective is to make it as easy and transparent as possible to settle warranty claims.


Using the CRM tool, qualified sales prospects (leads) can be assigned to the partners. The advantage lies in the strategic tracking of leads in direct cooperation with the manufacturer, namely 2G, and the partners.


Current sales promotion presentations and other useful documents for the distribution are available in the "Marketing" section of


The "Training" section contains the platform to schedule and book operator and service training classes.

Your advantages

Advantages to be gained through our technical solutions

Best interface compatibility

All physical and digital components of your CHP solution originate from a single source and therefore mesh perfectly.

Lower maintenance costs

Remote maintenance and Predictive Maintenance reduce the necessary maintenance effort and minimize the expenses connected to it.

Particularly operator-friendly

You can rely on the smooth operation of your CHP in good conscience – we take care of the rest.

Increased machine availability

Our intelligent machine surveillance systems recognize irregularities in the operation before they manifest, preventing unscheduled downtime.

Technological edge

As the sector's leader in technology, 2G offers you innovations that define the worldwide state of the art.

The all-round carefree package by 2G

With our service contract you no longer have to worry about a thing. We perform all maintenance tasks for you, professionally and on time – and you keep your head clear for what matters.

Further information

At your side. Digitally and personally.

To ensure that you can efficiently pursue your goals, our professional service team takes care of the smooth operation of your CHP 24/7.

Innovation at 2G

As a technology leader with its own research and development company, 2G offers you state-of-the-art supply solutions from a single source.

Become a 2G partner

Over the years, we have developed a strong, global network of partners to actively contribute to the transition of the energy supply sector. Become a part of it!