Rent or lease a CHP

Remain flexible – with the individual rental and leasing models by 2G

A quick, smart, and safe contribution to the energy transition: The internal rental and leasing models by 2G allow you to benefit from highly efficient, decentralized energy technology without sizable investments. Flexible, predictable, and profitable.

Rent or lease a CHP

Your possibilities with 2G

2G Rental

Our tried and tested rental solution: With a rental model that is specifically tailored to you, you can realize projects quickly, without the involvement of banks and most importantly without being forced to invest. You will be billed in fixed and therefore predictable monthly rates.

2G Rental vieras

Our pay-per-use solution: Pay your system as you benefit from it. Billing is based on the operating hours.

2G Rental

Innovation without investment

Any 2G product can also simply be rented - directly from the manufacturer and at the best conditions. The parameters are tailored to your specific requirements. Unlike the use of loans or equity, this method does not reduce your equity ratio, it preserves your credit lines and boosts your liquidity. Rates that are directly bookable in the profit and loss account leave your company's balance sheet unscathed and improve your fiscal situation. Therefore, you continue to enjoy all entrepreneurial freedoms - especially regarding future investments, for example.


Steady rental fees, which also cover an insurance package, create a risk-free and easy-to-handle scenario. Throughout the years you do not incur any cost risks due to damages or inflation.


And if you want to continue to operate your 2G CHP beyond the rental period, we would be glad to offer you a transfer of ownership.

2G Rental vieras

A visiting 2G CHP

What has long become the norm for copiers, for example, who are billed per page printed, also works for a CHP by 2G. With 2G Rental vieras you only pay for the actual operating hours, without any fixed costs.


Due to the service contract being included by default, you do not have to fear any unforeseen costs because of maintenance and repair works either. And if your plans change, you can terminate the contract at any point in time after 15,000 operating hours have passed.

At a glance

2G Rental and 2G Rental vieras


Rental model by 2G Rental

2G Rental vieras

2G systems


aura series > 100 kW, agenitor series > 100 kW, avus 500 plus


operation on natural gas, hydrogen, biomethane, biogas or other lean gases

operation on natural gas (biomethane)


4–9 years, possible transfer of ownership at the end of term

15,000–59,999 OH

Period of notice

Fixed term

6 months, minimum rental term 15,000 OH


system incl. equipment options, billed in €/month

system incl. module-related equipment options, billed in €/OH

Dismantling and transport at the term's end


Service contract to be concluded separately (customizable) included
Minimum operating hours none 3,500 OH/a

Your advantages

Why renting or leasing a 2G product is worth it

Enormous safety

All pertinent insurances and services as well as the equipment are already included in the calculation and do not cause any extra costs as a consequence. Fixed rates are not subject to risks due to damages or inflation.

Individual boundary conditions

The general conditions of your contract are precisely tailored to your requirements and guarantee transparency as well as safety. With 2G as your direct partner the process is transparent and independent of banks.

No investment

You benefit from the many advantages of a modern CHP or an ORC system without having to hurt your company's balance sheet. This allows you to participate in the technological progress while remaining flexible all the same.

Tax deductibility

The leasing and rental fees you incur are completely tax deductible as business expenses.


Where are CHP systems from 2G used?

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