Hotels and resorts

No matter if it is for lighting, heating, hot water or air conditioning: Anywhere humans reside, energy will usually be consumed – the hotel business is not exempt from this rule. Therefore, it presents the ideal conditions for the use of a 2G combined heat and power system.

Cogeneration in the hotel business

Coziness meets economic efficiency

Thanks to this highly efficient technology, hotel operators can purposefully reduce the costs for the high amount of electricity and hot water required year-round while boosting their sustainability efforts. Hotel chains can benefit of economies of scale if they decide to equip multiple locations with combined heat and power systems at the same time.


In warmer regions, absorption coolers can use the CHP engine's waste heat to provide cost-efficient air-conditioning for the premises.


Our CHP solutions for hotels and resorts

No need to fear having your own cogeneration system!

The thought of operating a combined heat and power system might scare you at first and raise many questions: Do I have enough space for the installation? How significant will the noise pollution be? Can I even afford this investment?


We are happy to advise you on any issues concerning combined heat and power production and will gladly guide you on the way towards your individual, cost-efficient CHP solution. Feel free to contact us!

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To ensure that you can efficiently pursue your goals, our professional service team takes care of the smooth operation of your CHP 24/7.

Installation and noise protection

With our plug-and-play container and noise protection solutions, each of our CHPs fits perfectly into its environment and comes with exactly the equipment you need.

Rent a CHP instead of buying

You can benefit from state-of-the-art energy technology without having to invest - thanks to a rental or leasing model by 2G Rental tailor-made for your operation.