Manufacturing industry

Where goods are produced, energy is consumed. This applies to industrial operations producing in shifts and whose machines are therefore running all night and even on weekends. The conditions could not be more suited to the use of combined heat and energy production: The continuously high energy demands, consisting of electricity and thermal energy, of manufacturing businesses makes combined heat and power by 2G their ideal partner.

Combined heat and power for the manufacturing industry

Efficiency that creates new opportunities

The high efficiency of 2G CHP systems is the key to its success, up to 90% of the primary energy is used effectively, meaning that more energy is saved during production providing significant financial savings on energy costs. 

Chemical and pharmaceutical companies

Chemical and pharmaceutical companies generally use large amounts of energy as they require heating, cooling and electricity continuously throughout the day and night. A 2G CHP can provide a cost effective solution to provide the vast amounts of energy required. 

Feed manufacturers

Energy costs are the second highest cost involved in feed production. Cleaning processes are responsible for a significant proportion of these costs, followed by the different processing stages at different temperatures and the mandatory cold chains. The energy demand constitutes perfect conditions for the application of a combined heat and power system from 2G. 

Synthetic materials industry

Besides consuming a significant amount of energy, the processing of synthetic materials also produces it in the form of high temperatures that are created by drilling and milling as well as during other processes. To avoid a loss of quality and an excessive material wear due to overheating, constant cooling is required. Combined with an absorption cooler, a 2G CHP can provide the required  energy while being incredibly cost-efficient.

Paper industry

In order to produce paper, heat and steam is required in large amounts. Considering these two facts, it is especially beneficial for this industry to invest in combined heat and power because it provides financial savings and increases profit. 

Metal industry

From milling to electroplating machines - an astonishing variety of machines with high energy demands is involved in metal processing. A specifically conceptualised combined heat and power system by 2G provides the exact type of energy required and even enables particular thermal oil applications.


Our CHP solutions for the manufacturing industry

Case studies

Good planning is half the battle

For a successful investment, the right planning of the CHP system is essential. With the right degree of utilisation, the investment will be amortised within a few years and can therefore sustainably increase the company's competitiveness.


This self-produced energy also shelters you from the impact of rising energy prices and used as  emergency power generator the system can uphold production during power outages.

Custom CHP solutions

High-performance supply concepts, precisely tailored to your application. Trust in the experience of the technology leader.

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Equipment for your CHP

A CHP can provide more than just electricity and heat. Our high-quality components enable a wide range of additional application scenarios.

Installation and noise protection 

With our plug-and-play container and noise protection solutions, each of our CHPs fits perfectly into its environment and comes with exactly the equipment you need.