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Maximum efficiency at minimal emissions – the aura by 2G

The degree of ecological compatibility required of energy production is increasing around the globe. Especially in urban areas, there often are strict emission limits.

Our response: aura. Thanks to its enormous efficiency, this model guarantees highly efficienct fuel while setting standards in avoiding the emission of nitrogen oxides. This powerful module in the range of 100 to 420 kW is ideally suited to customer applications that prioritise great thermal output, low operating costs and structural compactness. 

Our technology

What are the main features of the aura?

Its Lambda-1 technology is the heart and soul of the aura series. It was developed in-house by 2G and is based on the precise ratio of fuel and air theoretically required to completely burn the fuel. This way, nitrogen oxide contents of below 50 mg/Nm3 can be reached-without being a lean-burn concept or having an SCR catalyst while reaching degrees of efficiency far beyond 90 per-cent. The absence of an exhaust gas treatment module also contributes a reduction of the life cycle costs. 

Your advantages

What are the advantages of the aura?

Efficient engine technology

Reaches a significant thermal power yield thanks to the condensing exhaust gas heat exchanger

Minimal emissions

Complies with even the strictest nitrogen oxide limits thanks to the Lambda-1 technology we developed and the slightly charged turbo.

Exceptional reliability

Stands the test of long-term operation thanks to the tried and tested engine technology

Low operating costs

Lowers the life cycle costs mainly through its easy-to-service concept and the omission of an exhaust gas treatment module

Technical details

How efficient is our aura ?

400 V - (up to 0.05 g NOₓ possible, depending on the catalyst)

Type Configuration Output Electrical level
electrical thermal electrical thermal Overall
aura 404 bt70-1 100 kW 166 kW 36.7 % 61.1 % 97.8 %
aura 406 bt70-1 200 kW 294 kW 37.7 % 55.4 % 93.0 %
aura 408 bt70-1 280 kW 404 kW 38.5 % 55.5 % 94.0 %
aura 412 bt70-1 420 kW 605 kW 38.6 % 55.5 % 94.1 %


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