2G Training Center

Expertise that gets you further: training offered by the technology leader. On site and digitally

The 2G Energy AG represents reliable and transparent cooperation on all levels. This includes that we pass our knowledge of cogeneration and the highly efficient operation of CHP systems on to our partners and customers. At the 2G TrainingCenter in Heek and throughout the world.


Practical knowledge. Directly from the manufacturer

As one of the leading manufacturers of combined heat and power systems with an internal research and development department, 2G Energy constantly works towards perfecting combined heat and power system technology.


No matter if you are a customer, operator, or partner: you can benefit from a purposeful exchange of the most recent findings and practical experiences made directly by the manufacturer. We offer user-specific Sales and Service training for our complete product range, either at the 2G TrainingCenter in Heek (Germany), at one of our international locations or, upon request, directly at your location.

Increased learning success through hybrid concepts

Many of the courses we offer are composed of an in-person part and a digital part. In these cases, passing the online part is required for the inscription to the in-person session. This process equalises the theoretical knowledge among participants which leads to a deeper and more efficient in-person learning experience.

A selection of our trainings

Municipal utilities, providers and large customers

Training for prospective 2G service partners

We will be happy to discuss with you the possibilities of a partnership in the area of services and support you with the appropriate training programs for your employees.

"Operator" training

Understand how your CHP works

In the " operator" training you will gain all the necessary knowledge for the smooth operation of your respective CHP model. Complete the training easily and conveniently online.

"C series Level 2" Training

Simply perform the recurring M1 Maintenance yourself

The so-called M1 Maintenance is due every 2,000 operating hours. Through our "C series Level 2" training you acquire the qualification to perform all future maintenance of this category by yourself which allows you to avoid future maintenance expenses.

Virtual company tour

A look inside the 2G TrainingCenter

On a virtual tour of the 2G Campus, the TrainingCenter is of course a must.

Take a look behind the scenes!

All you need to know before visiting 2G

Itinerary, accommodation, organisational issues: Here you will find all key information for your stay with us in Heek.

Further information

Become a 2G partner 

Over the years, we have developed a strong, global network of partners to actively contribute to the transition of the energy supply sector. Become a part of it!

How does combined heat and power work? 

You can find all basic information on the combined heat and power generation technology here.