Enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables all year-round - made possible by greenhouses. Even outside the appropriate season they simulate the exact conditions naturally required by the specific plants. For successful cultivation, the appropriate conditions must be created. Sufficient lighting and regulated temperatures are among these conditions - and their supply must be absolutely stable. All in all, this amounts to a significant energy demand which offers ideal conditions for the use of combined heat and power production.

Combined heat and power for Greenhouses

High yield can be planned

Depending on the plants cultivated, the electricity and heat required varies. Besides the lighting, the operation of pumps and other machinery consumes electric energy while the thermal energy is used to constantly maintain the ambient temperature at the required level. Covering further steps of the processing chain, like the operation of a refrigerated warehouse, can add cooling to the energy requirements.


With a highly reliable combined heat and power system by 2G, the required energy can be supplied by a singular source. Beforehand, the system will be calibrated to suit the specific requirements. Even factors such as the humidity and CO2 content of the air play an important role in this process. The accurate planning and configuration of the CHP system allow greenhouse operators to cover their entire consumption in a cost-efficient manner. Durable supply security can always be ensured by the optional Island Mode.


Our CHP solutions for greenhouses

Maximum efficiency through CO2 fertilisation

Electricity, heat, fertiliser – from a single source

Even small amounts of CO2 that occur as a "waste product" of the usual gas types can be profitably put to work in greenhouses - as fertiliser. It can be purposefully injected into the plants, meaning that the climate-damaging gas is not only bound, but also increases the yield. And all that without incurring additional costs.

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