Hospital CHP/Cogeneration

With their electricity and heat demand structure hospitals are predestined for the use of combined heat and power production because the energy consumption is steep all year-round. During winter, the premises are heated and during summer, they use air-conditioning, hot water is used in the bathrooms and the laundry, among other things. Furthermore, medical devices are used every day in the hospital. At the end of the day, this means that such facilities face high energy costs. But that's not all: These facilities are under immense competitive and cost pressure – which will only increase.

Combined heat and power in hospitals

Economic efficiency meets security of supply

Energy costs are an important means of economic optimisation. A combined heat and power system by 2G provides the key technology for this optimisation since it does not only cover the entire range of energy demands with remarkable efficiency, but it also seamlessly integrates into the existing energy supply concept (in combination with photovoltaics or a heat pump, for example).


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A CHP can provide more than just electricity and heat. Our high-quality components enable a wide range of additional application scenarios.

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