Rehau District Hospital invests in a g-box

g-box 50 is a safe and efficient component in energy supply
The CHP covers a majority of the average annual requirement of electrical power (approx. 60%) and heat (approx. 40%).

Facts & figures

Health and care
g-box 50
Output el/th (kW):
50 kWel / 100 kWth
Gesundheitseinrichtungen des Bezirks Oberfranken

The 2G profitability assessment was the basis of the Rehau District Hospital in Oberfranken‘s investment in a g-box 50 with an electrical output of 50 kW and a thermal output of 100 kW.


The CHP covers a majority of the average annual requirement of electrical power (approx. 60%) and heat (approx. 40%). Timo Stumpf, Head of Facility Management of GeBO (municipal company of healthcare facilities in the district of Oberfranken) headquartered in Bayreuth, considers itself affirmed in an investment decision: “With an operating output of 8,600 operating hours in the first 13 months and overall availability of more than 99%, the 2G CHP has confirmed our expectation that it is a safe and efficient component of the hospital power supply. With annual energy cost savings of around €55,000, we achieve the profitability forecast. The g-box 50 paid for itself in about 2.3 years.” The g-box 50 with calorific value technology used in the Rehau district hospital achieves an overall efficiency of 103.1% (34.5% electric, 68.6% thermal).


There is a variety of expanded possibilities for use of the high-temperature g-box 50 HT introduced in April: The g-box 50 HT is ideal for use wherever temperature return in a heating circuit is above 70 °C. This applies, for instance, to hospitals and retirement homes or even industrial applications, where a higher temperature level of the feed of up to 95 °C is required, deviating from the standard. Another application is a combination with an absorption chiller. Since the efficiency of an absorption system with the temperature level of the available heat increases, the combined heat and power generation also becomes more attractive.



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