In person or digitally: The 2G Service makes sure that your CHP always operates reliably – and that you can focus on your core business

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Thanks to our extensive service network and comprehensive spare parts stocks, you can always rely on fast help. Around the clock, seven days a week.

For a CHP that simply works

At 2G, we believe that it should be as easy as possible to operate your own CHP. So, we cannot stand malfunctions, downtimes, and other irregularities. Therefore, we offer you way more than only a modern combined heat and power system. We, as the manufacturer, want to relieve you as an operator and sustainably maximize the availability of your system - and your satisfaction with our product in turn.


Good to know: We are also more than prepared to take on the professional maintenance and repair of systems from other manufacturers.

What performances does 2G offer?

A package that is simply worth it

As a Full-Service provider, we always keep tabs on everything that matters to you. You do not have to take care of anything else. Our products and services originate from a single source and are therefore seamlessly integrated – which saves time and money. At the end of the day this leads to a uniquely low total cost of ownership.

Network of service technicians

We can draw on a vast network of meticulously trained specialists who, as service technicians, can be at your location in no time and ensure the smooth operation of your system. Our fleet of service vehicles is equipped with everything that is required to analyze, maintain, and repair a CHP.

Digital services

With our self-developed software solutions, you can enjoy all benefits of digital system management: Thanks to the constant surveillance and regulation of various system parameters, the system availability is increased efficiently. Our innovative software solution, I.R.I.S., detects malfunctions before they even manifest. Thanks to the remote access, many maintenance and repair tasks can be performed by our technicians quickly and without fuss.

On our platform, we present you with an uncluttered overview of our digital services.

Premium service contract

All servicing and maintenance at a fixed price: The Premium Service Contract guarantees you absolute certainty with regards to planning and expenses.

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Over the years, we have developed a strong, global network of partners to actively contribute to the transition of the energy supply sector. Become a part of it!

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At our Training Center you can acquire all qualifications you need for a strong partnership with 2G.