Highly practical pilot project

Landfill supplies 1,000 houses with electricity and heat
An avus 1000c uses the gas produced by the Three Rivers Solid Waste Landfill and thus supplies almost 1,000 households with electricity and heat.

Facts & figures

Landfills and wastewater treatment
United States
avus 1000c
Output el/th (kW):
1.200 kWel / 1.196 kWth
Three Rivers Solid Waste Landfill

An avus 1000c performs genuine pioneering work in renewable energy in Pontotoc, Mississippi: The high-performance module takes advantage of the gas which builds up in the Three Rivers Solid Waste Landfill and uses it to supply nearly 1,000 households in the area with electricity and heat.

Landfill gas supplies 1,000 houses with energy
The avus 1000c with an electrical output of 1.2 MW was successfully installed and put into commission in Pontotoc, Mississippi, for a pilot renewable energy project in the region. The module uses the gas which builds up at the Three Rivers Solid Waste Landfill in a highly efficient manner and can supply up to 1,000 households in the area with electricity and heat.It accomplishes this by using gas collectors and a connected piping system to route the accumulated gas to the 2G CHP module where it is transformed it into electricity and heat.

Easy access to the entire plant complex
Major features that set this project apart include the plant’s easy accessibility and highly practical planning. For instance, the plant complex allows you to walk from the office straight to the control room, or access the 2G module’s engine room directly from the workshop. The plant’s peripherals also make use of the established German technology such as. 2G’s gas treatment modules that are used to remove moisture and contamination to ensure optimal gas quality is delivered to the CHP to ensure the operating life of the engine is not compromised.Innovative plants like the one in Pontotoc make a major contribution towards raising awareness in the USA of the possibilities which combined heat & power generation has to offer, thus helping to increase its enormous market potential.



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