CHP turns up the steam

At Reinert, avus 1500b has amortized itself in just 2.5 years
Large amounts of energy are needed to produce the sausage and cured meat products and to clean the production facilities.

Facts & figures

Food and beverage industry
Custom solution:
Steam generation
avus 1500b
Output el/th (kW):
1.487 kWel / 1.484 kWth
H. & E. Reinert Westfälische Privat-Fleischerei GmbH

The H. & E. Reinert group hails from the Westphalian town of Versmold, where brothers Hermann and Ewald Reinert started a butchery in 1931. Today, Reinert produces high-quality raw sausage products, boiled sausage specialities and cured meats which are sold throughout Europe. The main factory in Versmold has been using a modern CHP plant with steam generator since 2014.

Clean energy for high-consumption cleaning
Quality, hygiene, as well as conscientious handling of natural resources, all take top priority at Reinert’s traditional operation. The production facility in Versmold is thoroughly cleaned several times a day. Large amounts of energy are therefore needed to produce the sausage and cured meat products and to clean the production facilities. Reinert has been able to use heat and power from in-house production since October 2014: the avus 1500b combined heat and power plant runs on natural gas. It supplies 1,487 kW of electrical power and 1,484 kW of thermal power.

Plant pays for itself in no time
The heat is produced directly on site to produce steam (730 kg/h, 9.5 bar). For this reason, the CHP module was installed directly next to the 2G steam generator in a container. A mediumvoltage switchgear is also integrated in the container. Thanks to the plug-and-play container solution, the installation was completed within a very short time.

The avus 1500b from 2G is a high-performance power plant which sets itself apart with its efficient operation and long service life. The plant paid for itself in just 2.5 years.  



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