The g-box line: liquefied and natural gas without compromise

October 4, 2022

For almost 15 years now, the g-box line by 2G Energy AG has been a staple of reliable and robust energy supply in an output range of up to 50 kW electric / 100 kW thermal. No matter whether it is ensuring the energy supply of properties or contributing to small heating networks, the g-box always contributes to lowering the energy expenses of the operator in a climate-friendly manner. In an interview, Klaus Hilverling, Sales Director for the g-box line, explains that the gas engine competency acquired by 2G over so many years has now made it possible to use liquefied gas without any problems.


Klaus, we live in incredibly tumultuous times with regards to energy policies which directly affect you in your daily work. As someone who is in contact with customers from diverse fields of application on a daily, what do you make of the current mood on the market?

Indeed, these are times of considerable insecurity and even franticness. Almost all consumers, be that private or commercial, are faced with the dilemma of limiting the impact of rising energy prices in any way possible while also moving towards climate-neutrality. Looking at our customers in particular, you have to add an increasing fear of blackouts and gaps in the power supply. In this regard, we are perfectly equipped to help with our combined heat and power systems that can function as emergency power systems when push comes to shove.

The key motivator to purchase a CHP must surely still be the return on this investment. Precisely how does that work out for a g-box?

Since the output (electricity) prices rise as steeply as the input (gas) costs, the return on a g-box remains incredibly lucrative. Although we do not possess the gift of foresight, many experts begin to think that the gas price will recover in the medium term while the electricity price will continue to rise. Add this to the aforementioned contribution to supply security and it is obvious that the g-box remains a lucrative investment.

So, the economic efficiency of the model is intact?

Absolutely. Regardless of the energy price development, we recommend the acquisition of a g-box to any consumer who requires 44 kW of thermal energy for at least 2,500 hours per year. Depending on the applicable gas and electricity prices, regular double-digit returns are on the agenda. Where else can you get that?

Despite the evidentially high economic efficiency, many people are plagued by the fear of not even receiving the desired amount of natural gas anymore. What is 2G doing in that respect, especially as it relates to the g-box line?
The history of 2G is steeped in the exploration of distinct gas types for the use in cogeneration systems – biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas, pit gas, naturals gas or even hydrogen nowadays, you name it. Therefore, it seemed obvious to us to unlock the operation on liquefied gas, especially for smaller CHP like the g-box. Even before the natural gas discussion reached the current levels we executed a number of projects, for example in the agricultural sector, where we implemented systems without a natural gas connection, using liquefied gas instead.

You are saying that the g-box can be operated on liquefied gas and without restrictions already, correct?
Precisely. Better yet, during the past few weeks we began working intensely toward the goal of providing only a single engine configuration that allows for the operation on usual gas as well as liquefied gas. This way, the customer will be able to switch the gas type even after the commissioning. By the way, making the g-box fit for hydrogen operation as well is next on the agenda.

Finally, let us hit on the subject of project lead times. No matter if it is a photovoltaics system, a power-storage battery or a heat pump, you always hear the same story of overheated markets and long lead times. How are the project lead times looking for the g-box?
Even earlier during the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to sustain our productivity almost completely by means of proactive acquisition processes and, in comparison, did not struggle that much with delivery delays. Even today, we are able to realize many projects with lead times of about 10 weeks. That is why, before we are done, I want to express my gratitude to my colleagues of the g-box team at 2G as well as the partners from our network who guarantee reliability and the highest quality at all times. And only that turns our customers into happy and successful g-box operators.

Thank you so much for your time!



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