2G Energy wins Innovation Prize Münsterland award

September 2, 2022

Since 1993, the “Innovationspreis Münsterland” (Innovation Prize of the Münsterland region) is awarded to companies, universities and research institutes who enrichen this region in Western Germany with their groundbreaking ideas, clever inventions, and their contributions to sustainable progress. The Münsterland e.V. awards this honor in cooperation with the patrons of the competition, namely the Association of Savings Banks Sparkassen Münsterland, the Provinzial Insurance AG and the Westenergie AG. This year, 2G saw off the fierce competition in the “Economy” category and won the award for its hydrogen cogeneration systems.


Not least due to the recent geopolitical developments, hydrogen has become a hype subject and it is increasingly seen as a versatile problem solver and even the savior of the energy transition. Because – regardless of the increasing expansion of wind and solar energy – the challenge remains that electricity produced by these sources can only be stored under certain conditions and even then, only briefly. By transforming excess wind and solar energy into hydrogen, the time gap between energy offer and demand can be bridged even over extended periods. Using hydrogen-fueled cogeneration systems by 2G, the hydrogen is transformed into heat and electricity at the highest degree of efficiency. This award is a particular recognition of the technology’s significance with regards to the global energy mix of the future.


Hydrogen in CHP systems: the dream has long become reality

Besides the political significance of this honor, CTO Frank Grewe mainly sees this award as a recognition of the processes and working methods at 2G: “Due to the rapid growth of the company parallel to the volatile development of the energy market over the past few years, short development cycles and the swift realization of projects have become second nature to us. Therefore, our vision with regards to hydrogen CHP has long been realized. We are perfectly in synch with the spirit of the region and its award for innovation: Münsterländer [i.e. people from the region] get things done.


Münsterland people push the global energy transition

The fact that the Münsterland is a fruitfull breeding ground for innovations and the expansion of renewable energies has been proven all across the region throughout the past years. Grewe is delighted by this development and notices a correlation between the commitment of the people and their identification with the region: “Many of our colleagues display an incredible amount of motivation, because their daily work is a cornerstone of the energy transition – and that in their home region. That makes it such a beautiful feeling, that we are able to drive the energy transition with such a committed staff from the Münsterland region.” Heinrich-Georg Krumme, chairman of the Sparkasse Westmünsterland, sang from the same song-sheet during his speech when he presented the award to 2G: “A company does not only advance itself through its innovations, but the whole region. And seen as it seems likely that we will have to make due with less gas in the future, hydrogen CHP are even more critical.”


In line with the award, the new video on 2G’s CHP hydrogen technology has also been published this week, which can be viewed under the following link:

CHP with Hydrogen - Backbone of the Energy Transition - YouTube


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