Data Centres CHP/Cogeneration

The steady increase of global data requires a higher demand on servers and data centres worldwide. Data centres require maximum performance at maximum reliability. High demands of electricity are required to operate the servers, coupled with the constant cooling of the infrastructure, this impact is further aggravated by the global increase of energy prices. 

Chp for data centers

Permanently lower the energy costs of data centres

Since combined heat and power systems by 2G are highly efficient the primary energy requirement of data centres shrinks noticeably - and since data centres as well as CHP are designed for long service lives even small data-processing centres can benefit from combined heat and power.


Therefore, acquiring a combined heat and power system by 2G does not only lower the energy costs of your data centre but also increases reliability. In case of outages, the CHP operating as emergency power system in Island Mode can continue to reliably produce the required energy for an unlimited amount of time.


Our CHP solutions for data centres      

Trigeneration for data centres

Due to the ever increasing server capacity, no data center can manage without cooling, in turn this requires an intelligent energy supply concept. 


The solution: Combined cooling, heating, and power generation - or trigeneration. At an extremely low cost, the heat produced by operating the CHP can be transformed into cooling for the entire server infrastructure using an absorption cooler.


We would be happy to develop an energy supply concept based on cogeneration for your data processing centre that will fulfill the most ambitious requirements in terms of economic efficiency and reliability.

Custom CHP solutions

High-performance supply concepts, precisely tailored to your application. Trust in the experience of the technology leader.

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Equipment for your CHP

A CHP can provide more than just electricity and heat. Our high-quality components enable a wide range of additional application scenarios.

CHP financing solutions

We at 2G can introduce you to a financing solution that fits your needs, helping you make that investment every step of the way.

How does combined heat and power work? 

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