How CHP systems can help save money on your energy bills

12 June 2023

During difficult economic climates, companies everywhere are doing what they can to save money. A significant issue recently is the high energy bills that organisations are facing.


Let us introduce you to CHP systems, which can reduce those energy bills through increased efficiency.


This blog will explain how CHP systems achieve this and examine what their impact is on the finances of a company.


Increased efficiency means less waste


In business, we’re all looking for a low-cost energy solution. Centralised power sources, which many companies get their power from, don’t tend to produce energy efficiently, leaving a lot of waste during electricity generation. It’s estimated that around two-thirds of all energy produced at power stations is wasted. To compensate for those losses, the recipients of the energy will likely face increased energy bills.


However, a CHP (combined heat and power) unit takes the heat that is a byproduct of electricity generation and uses it as thermal energy. By harnessing this energy that would’ve been wasted at a centralised source, the CHP system increases the efficiency of the fuel it uses.


This is likely to result in reduced energy costs thanks to requiring less fuel to generate the same amount of energy.


The levels of efficiency at centralised power sources can only reach up to 45%, meaning there is a significant amount of waste. Instead, through your decentralised CHP system, you can achieve efficiency rates of 98%, making it an extremely economically viable proposition for anybody looking for a solution to their soaring energy bills.


The cost of electricity


The CHP units that are available from 2G put you in control of your energy efficiency. One of the main reasons it can do this is the fact that the CHP units need a fuel source to operate and because purchasing natural gas is cheaper than electricity per kWh, it will reduce your costs even further. So to generate electricity, you will require another fuel source.


But don’t fear that you need to sacrifice your dedication to keeping a low carbon footprint; with 2G’s hydrogen-ready CHP system, you can take advantage of its versatility by mixing natural gas with pure hydrogen, or using 100% hydrogen that is low or zero-carbon, meaning you can use sustainable energy while keeping the costs down.


This cheaper fuel source, as well as using the heat produced when generating electricity, all adds up and will help your company's finances during uncertain times.


If you want to know more about CHP systems, and how cogeneration works to reduce your energy bills, you can find all the information you need on our website.



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