Once a g-box, always a g-box

The first g-box ever installed is disconnected from the mains and is replaced by a new g-box
Over 11 years, a g-box has saved 1,058 tons of CO2 thanks to the excellent efficiency of 106%. Now it has been replaced by the latest model of the g-box 50.

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Utilities and energy service companies
g-box 50
Output el/th (kW):
50 kWel / 100 kWth
Stadtwerke Münster GmbH

Actually, he did not want to give it up. Indeed: “It worked very reliably over the last eleven and a half years.” On October 20, 2005, Michael Wilimzig received the very first g-box 50 at the Münster municipal works in Roxel-Nord from Christian Grotholt, the current chair of 2G Energy AG. The Münster municipal works participated in the development of the g-box. On March 22, 2017, exactly 84,737 operating hours later, Michael Wilimzig is back for replacement of the plant with integrated calorific value utilization with the latest compact g-box 50 CHP. The task of the compact power plant is unchanged: It continues to supply 250 homes in the neighborhood with heat, “incidentally” generates electricity and spares the environment from massive quantities of CO2 emissions. Due to its excellent efficiency of 106%, the first g-box saved 1,058 tons of CO2 over the past eleven and a half years.


"It has operated very reliably over the last eleven and a half years."

Michael Wilimzig | Employee in the engineering staff of the Münster municipal works heating system in Münster-Roxel


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