Well-tempered and efficient

agenitor 408 supplies an all-weather pool in Ratingen with electrical power and heat
Indoor pools, outdoor pools, saunas and the wellness area require a lot of electricity and heat - ideal for the use of combined heat and power.

Facts & figures

Pools and leisure
agenitor 408
Output el/th (kW):
360 kWel / 400 kWth
Stadtwerke Ratingen GmbH

The City of Ratingen in North Rhine-Westphalia is well-known for its all-weather spa. The popular spa has the right offering  for every age group, with a sauna landscape,  wellness area, indoor pool or outdoor pool. These offerings require a great deal of electrical power and heat. The Ratingen municipal works has already operated a 50 kW  CHP for partial supply of the allweather spa for more than 11 years. At the end of 2016, the system was replaced with a more powerful  CHP plant: the agenitor 408 with an electrical  output of 360 kW and a thermal output of 400  kW.


The plant is heat-controlled, which means it can cover the entire thermal basic load of the all-weather spa. A s a result, a majority of the electrical power supply can be provided  with the 2G plant. The high electrical and  thermal efficiency of 42.5% and 45.0% assure  an energy supply with maximum efficiency. The agenitor was installed “packed” in a sound capsule immediately next to the swimming pool in a concrete sound hood. The noise emissions at a distance of 10 m were only 35 dB (A), which is somewhat quieter than a conventional vacuum cleaner.   


"The CHP runs and runs and runs."

Georg Abraham | Dep. Manager of Electrical Power and Heat Production | Stadtwerke Ratingen


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