Hydrogen CHP at Toyota in Japan

31 May 2022

At the start of the year, 2G and its local partners Technis Co. Ltd. and Fuji Electric Co. installed a hydrogen cogeneration system at the main Japanese Toyota factory in the Toyota City. For the car manufacturer, cogeneration is a key technology in reaching the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions in all Toyota factories to zero by 2050. The combined heat and power system (model: agenitor 412) will initially be run on 40% hydrogen and can, depending on the local availability, be converted to 100% hydrogen operation. Furthermore, this project can serve as a blueprint for Toyota factories worldwide. According to Andre Banken, the director of International Business Development at 2G, this solution illustrates the enormous potential of cogeneration technology as part of the global energy transition: "Customers want low energy costs and a stable energy supply while having to transition towards climate neutrality. Combined heat and power technology can fulfill these requirements from the day they are installed."


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