Fresh every day: home-produced energy

Kamps Bakery uses energy-efficient 2G technology
With E.ON Energy Solutions GmbH as contractor, Germany's leading crafts bakery has developed a decentralized supply solution.

Facts & figures

Food and beverage industry
agenitor 406
Output el/th (kW):
250 kWel / 260 kWth
Kamps GmbH

Kamps has been a dynamic and innovative company since it was established in 1982 and has now become one of the leading craft bakeries in Germany.

The first Kamps bakery shop was opened in Friedrichstraße in Düsseldorf in 1982. Today there are around 400 Kamps shops offering fresh, hand-crafted baked goods. In addition, there are around 70 Kamps bakeries throughout the whole of Germany and two in the Middle East.

E.ON Energy Solutions as contractor
E.ON Energy Solutions GmbH stepped in as contractor for customized distributed supply solutions. It developed the concept in consultation with Kamps and planned and erected the entire plant. Together they commissioned a 2G Energy AG agenitor 406 with buffer tank at Kamps GmbH in Schwalmtal. The installed 2G power plant operates with natural gas and ensures a sustainable and, above all, economical electricity and heat supply to the production plant and administration building.

Another milestone in the reduction of CO2
CEO Thomas Prangemeier was thrilled when he visited the CHP plant: „For many years now, Kamps has attached great importance to the environmentally-friendly and economical use of resources. Following the introduction of our certified Energy Management System, we could see that this was just the start. With the commissioning of our CHP plant, we have reached another milestone on the way to reducing CO2 emissions. Generating electricity and heat as needed enables us to save 490 tons of CO2 every year. As well as commissioning our CHP plant, we are also, of course, continuing our efforts to make our production and sales operations ever more environmentally compatible.“

agenitor 406 stands out with an overall efficiency of 85.3%
The agenitor 406 generates an electrical output of 250 kW and a thermal output of 260 kW. The overall efficiency of the plant is 85.3%, representing an important contribution to energy efficiency, both in ecological and economical terms. The agenitor 406 is helping the Schwalmtal site to reduce energy costs and conserve the environment. The 2G power plant was installed in a high-line container painted in neutral white. This type of installation is characterized by low noise emissions (45 dB (A)) and a short installation time (plug and play).


“Generating electricity and heat as needed enables us to save 490 tons of CO2 every year.”

Thomas Prangemeier | CEO | Kamps GmbH


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