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Jakob Bauer operates his biogas plant with an agenitor 406
The heat generated during electricity production is fed to the fermenter of the biogas plant and used in the company's own and the neighboring businesses.

Facts & figures

Biogas and biomethane plants
agenitor 406
Output el/th (kW):
250 kWel / 245 kWth
Landwirt Jakob Bauer

Jakob Bauer is a farmer and operator of the Bartlmühle biogas plant in Pleystein, Bavaria. It is connected to an agenitor 406 which is used to generate around 4 million kW hours of electricity from biogas each year. The heat produced while generating electricity is fed to the fermenter to support the fermentation process and is used in his own and the neighboring company through a local heat network. The electricity is fed into the public grid. “I am convinced that 2G is three to four years ahead of other engine manufacturers when it comes to research and development,” explains Jakob Bauer. “I am particularly pleased by the fact that 2G is really concerned by what we need outside.” Bauer will decide in the next few weeks whether to add another avus 500 in order to achieve more flexibility. He believes that biogas plants only have a justified existence in accordance with EEG if they can produce energy on demand and do exactly that. 2G also feels well taken care of with this decision.


“2G is really concerned about what we need outside.”

Jakob Bauer | Operator | Bartlmühle biogas plant


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