Renting rather than buying: flexibility squared

Bioenergy Hagmann values planning reliability abd economy
For Hagmann, the rental solution has the advantage that no internal balancing of accounts or prepayments are necessary.

Facts & figures

Biogas and biomethane plants
Custom solution:
5 x avus 500plus
Output el/th (kW):
5 x 550 kWel / 5 x 670 kWth
Bioenergie Hagmann GmbH & Co. KG

Flexibilization of biogas CHP operation and the 2G Rental model are a perfect match for Markus Hagmann. This assessment is the reason why the Director of Bioenergie Hagmann GmbH & Co. KG in Dürmentingen, Germany, has rented the latest of five avus 500 plus CHP units (550 kW) from 2G. The total output of his biogas plant is 2.75 MW, and three gas tanks with a total volume of over 10,000 m3 mean that the CHP units only start up at peak periods.


For Hagmann, profitability and planning security are the twin pillars of the 2G rental model: “The flexibility bonus covers the partially amortizing rental fee, giving me more scope of action through improved liquidity. And the full service contract guarantees me high availability and thus the necessary planning security. Finally the rental solution has the advantage that no internal balancing of accounts or prepayments are necessary.”


With the 2G Rental model, the customer can choose operating periods of between four to nine years for CHP units of 20 kW to 2 MW. At the end of the operating period of a rental contract, there are various options available, e.g. transfer of ownership or a fresh decision for the future with the latest CHP technology.


Digitalization optimizes operation and monitoring of CHP stations

2G’s full maintenance contract secures CHP operators the maximum plant availability through the world-wide use of modern analysis and communications technology, by means of which, for example, an unplanned deviation in an operating parameter goes directly to the 2G service hotline. The service team then takes the necessary steps to re-establish normal operation or uses an in-house intelligent evaluation system to suggest ways to rectify the problem. Even today, over 70% of operating deviations reported worldwide can be resolved by remote dial-in from the Heek service center.


"The rental solution gives me greater cope of action through improved liquidity."

Markus Hagmann | CEO | Bioenergie Hagmann GmbH & Co. KG


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