Information security certified according to DIN ISO 27001

May 25, 2022

Thanks to global digitalization, knowledge and information are increasingly significant and therefore more at risk of being attacked. As a manufacturer of CHP, many of our clients are part of the critical infrastructure. Therefore, our digital solution, for example, such as I.R.I.S. or 2G Connect are subject to strict safety requirements. To protect our assets and those of our clients 2G has incorporated the norm ISO 27001 Information security into the integrated management system and the compliance with the norm was certified in March 2022. At its core, the norm has three basic objectives:

  1. Confidentiality

Information and data are treated confidentially and are carefully secured against unauthorized or unintentional disclosure and processing.

  1. Availability

Information and data are made available according to statutory and contractual obligations.

  1. Integrity

Information and data are treated as to only be modifiable by authorized persons and systems (applications) in the manner that is allowed. By obtaining this certification, we set a standard for the national as well as global CHP sector and rise to the increasing demands concerning data security among our international customers.


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