Large-scale heat pump

Efficiently use regenerative environmental heat

The heat pump technology is essential to the energy transition. Heat pumps already make a significant contribution to the decarbonization of the energy supply in the housing sector by making the infinite environmental heat usable for heating or warm water.
However, the known and proven concept also shines on a larger scale. Large-scale heat pumps supply highly efficient regenerative energy to industries, businesses, municipalities and even sizable residential properties.

How does a heat pump work?

No matter the heat source, the heat pump always works the same way: heat is extracted from the source and transmitted to the heat pump circuit using a refrigerant. Compression of the refrigerant increases its pressure and temperature. When the thermal energy is finally transferred to the heat sink, the temperature of the refrigerant decreases, turning it liquid again. In the expansion valve, the refrigerant returns to its original temperature due to a decrease in pressure - and the cycle can start anew.

Individual thermal energy solutions up to 2 M

The large-scale 2G afilia heat pumps are available as air-to-water and water-to-water systems. This enables the use of various heat sources – even combined (booster technology).

Even the single-stage version of the water-to-water heat pumps can achieve temperatures increases of up to 70 K. Applications with higher temperature rises can be realized with two-stage systems – or even using custom solutions with supply flow temperatures between 90°C and 130°C.

Your advantages

A complete package for more benefits

Containerized solutions

in different sizes and variations

Integration of spot market optimization

Flex operation and redispatch through partner

Intelligent malfunction prediction

in combination with the 2G AI "I.R.I.S."

Convenient system management

Via (monthly reports, operating range monitoring)

Superordinate control

Provided by Master Control

Comprehensive control concepts

Including auxiliary drives (pumps, mixers, data collection for heat source/sink)

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