Power is a by-product

METRO focuses on highly efficient heat generation
An agenitor 306 produces all the heat required for heating, air conditioning and hot water for two METRO wholesale markets.

Facts & figures

Trading and logistics
agenitor 306
Output el/th (kW):
250 kWel / 290 kWth
Metro Cash & Carry Deutschland GmbH

Every big city in Germany has a METRO Cash & Carry wholesale market to serve the needs of commercial customers. The markets in Düsseldorf and Berlin-Marienfelde produce their own heat and power in cooperation with E.ON Connecting Energies, an E.ON subsidiary specializing in integrated energy solutions.

Ensure supply and reduce energy costs
A METRO Cash & Carry wholesale market consumes a lot of energy – for refrigeration, lighting, air conditioning, heating and IT. In light of rising energy costs, it’s no wonder that energy efficiency is becoming a major issue throughout the entire corporation. The goal is to deliver secure low carbon energy supply for the long term and reduce costs at the same time. Heat & power cogeneration is an important element in the corporation’s energy strategy. What this means for the METRO markets is: the wholesale markets’ need for heat determines the CHP’s operation – the electricity is a “by-product.” The main focus is thus on high efficiency heat energy generation.

Energy partnership METRO and E.ON.
With E.ON Connecting Energies GmbH (ECT), a specialist in integrated energy solutions in the field of decentralized generation and energy efficiency, METRO has gained a long-term cooperation partner for the project. The E.ON subsidiary designs and implements measures for sustainably reducing energy and operating costs for its customers. With the agenitor 306 from 2G, METRO produces roughly a quarter of the markets’ electricity requirements and all of the heat energy it needs for heating, air conditioning and hot water supply on its own. 2G delivered the plant as a factory built containerized unit to ECT’s specification which allowed for simple installation and commissioning by ECT. The total efficiency level is more than 85 percent, which significantly reduces energy expenses. In addition, the 2G machines reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 20 percent, thus making an important contribution to climate protection as well. ECT’s control center monitors the plants to ensure optimal operation. METRO AG Energy Management organizes gas procurement for the two power plants, while METRO Cash & Carry handles electricity and heat production itself.



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