The profitable compact class

20–50 kW

Fuel types:

Highly efficient and quiet

The end of rising energy costs – the g-box by 2G

The profitable natural gas CHP by 2G with an electrical output range between 20 and 50 kW is called g-box. It is ideally suited to highly frequented and noise-sensitive areas such as hotels and education institutes while also shining with excellent efficiency scores. This unit is the ideal complement to existing photovoltaic and heating systems. At the same time, its installation and operation are pleasingly simple, so you can focus on your core activity while the CHP is making you money.

Our technology

What are the main features of the g-box?

Thanks to the serial utilization of calorific value, the g-box 20 and the g-box 50 reach an overall efficiency of above 100 per-cent. As a result, your investment pays off in no time at all. Feeding into heating circuits up to 95 °C is made possible by the high-temperature version of the g-box 50. Its modular construction allows the g-box to be installed even in tight spaces while its closed, noise-reducing encapsulation ensures a particularly silent operation.

Your advantages

What are the strong suits of the g-box?

Enormous economic efficiency

Incredibly fast amortization due to the elevated thermal efficiency (thanks to the utilization of calorific value)

Innovative design

The ready-to-connect, modular construction facilitates the installation in locations that are difficult to access

Silent operation

Closed noise-reducing encapsulation enables the use in noise-sensitive areas

Flexible in gas type

Expands the possibilities with operation on natural gas or liquid gas

Low operating costs

Lowers the operating costs through its robust and low-maintenance construction

Technical details

How efficient is our g-box ?

V - (< 0.01 g NOₓ with a catalyst)

Type Configuration Output Electrical level
electrical thermal electrical thermal Overall
g-box 20 as22-4 kW kW 0,0 % 0,0 % 0,0 %
g-box 50plus as22-4 kW kW 0,0 % 0,0 % 0,0 %

400 V - (< 0.1 g NOₓ with a catalyst)

Type Configuration Output Electrical level
electrical thermal electrical thermal Overall
g-box 20 as22-4 20 kW 44 kW 32,0 % 70,4 % 102,4 %
g-box 50plus as22-4 50 kW 108 kW 33,7 % 72,7 % 106,4 %


Fields of application

Which sectors rely on our expertise?

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