Bioenergy village takes care of itself

Two avus 500plus highly efficiently generate electricity and heat from biogas
The electricity produced by the two avus500 plus units is fed into the grid. Thermal energy is fed into the heating system.

Facts & figures

Utilities and energy service companies
2 x avus 500plus
Output el/th (kW):
2 x 550 kWel / 2 x 526 kWth
Bioenergiedorf Jühnde eG

Jühnde is the first bioenergy village of its kind in Germany. Using biomass and two 2G avus 500plus plants (550 kW electrical and 526 kW thermal capacity), amongst other things, the village generates twice as much electricity as it needs – additionally the adjacent houses are very efficiently supplied with heat.

At the annual Open Day on 18 June, visitors once again had the opportunity to look behind the scenes at the energy village. 2G also presented itself and the two avus 500plus plants, which, with a total electrical capacity of 1,100 kW, are regarded as the heart of the whole system. The day was Keen interest in 2G‘s engine technology very successful for all concerned and will be repeated again next year.

The graphic above shows how the two 2G power plants are incorporated into Jühnde‘s supply concept. The electricity produced by the avus500 plus plants is fed into the grid. Thermal energy is fed into the heating system. The special feature of this concept is the utilization of the hot exhaust gases from the plants. These are taken to an evaporator and used in a socalled ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) process to produce electricity. This in turn makes for even greater electrical efficiency.



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