Security of supply is top priority

Stadtwerke Witten supplies 700 households with environmentally friendly energy
Six highly efficient CHP modules supply 4,000 households with electricity and 700 households, a school, a sports center and two supermarkets with heat.

Facts & figures

Utilities and energy service companies
6 x agenitor 406
Output el/th (kW):
6 x 250 kWel / 6 x 250 kWth
Stadtwerke Witten GmbH

Six highly efficient modules 
Stadtwerke Witten operates a natural gas fired  heating plant in the district of Bommern, among  others. Old units were replaced with six agenitor 406  modules here three years ago. Provided in  a cascade arrangement, the highly efficient  modules produce 1.5 MW of electrical power and 1.56 MW of thermal power in total. The electricity is fed into the public grid and is sufficient for supplying 4,000 households. 700 households in the vicinity of the  Bommersfelder Ring and Helene-Lohmann-Schule, the sport centre of TuS Bommern and two supermarkets are supplied with heat. “In addition to environmentally friendly energy  generation, security of supply is the top priority of Stadtwerke Witten,” explains Christian Dresel, Energy Consultant of Stadtwerke Witten. “The six agenitor 406 modules have been operating  highly efficiently and completely reliably since their installation three years ago.” 


"The six agenitor 406 modules have been operating highly efficiently and completely reliably since they were installed three years ago."

Christian Dresel | Energy Consultant | Stadtwerke Witten


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