Nothing but the crème de la crème

Private diary gets electricity and process heat from cogeneration
A patruus type CHP generates 504 kW of thermal energy, which is used for hot water preparation, product heating and cleaning of the production facility.

Facts & figures

Food and beverage industry
patruus 400
Output el/th (kW):
400 kWel / 504 kWth
Privatmolkerei Naarmann GmbH

With its tradition of over 100 years, the Naarmann private dairy in Neuenkirchen, Germany, is a specialist in long-life dairy products for largescale customers in the gastronomy and food product industries. The owner-run company promises nothing but the crème de la crème!

A traditional company opting for cuttingedge technology
The Naarmann private dairy is continuously expanding its portfolio and increasing its processing capacity by investing extensively in the latest technologies. In addition, the company has committed to conserving natural resources and reducing its energy consumption. Since the production requires large amounts of energy, the saving potential in this field is not insignificant. Not least, extensive self-sufficiency increases security and flexibility in energy supply. For these reasons, the Naarmann private dairy has invested in heat and power cogeneration technology. By combining heat and power product in a single combined heat and power plant, the fuel is used with great efficiency and carbon dioxides emissions are reduced.

Process heat available at any time on demand
The patruus 400 combined heat and power plant is run on natural gas and generates 504 kW of thermal energy, which is used for  hot water provision, product heating and cleaning the production facility. Furthermore, the heat can be temporarily stored in a 100 m3 buffer tank so that it can be accessed any time it is needed. The heat and the majority of the electricity is used within the diary, any excess electricity is fed into the public grid and paid  for by the local energy supplier. The patruus 400 was installed in a Highline container, the  highgrade container offers very good noise suppression properties achieving 45 dB (A) at a distance of 10 meters.



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