Innovation meets tradition

Electricity and heat for traditional school in Bologna
In the process of renewing the heating system, a diesel boiler was replaced by a cutting-edge combined heat and power unit.

Facts & figures

Educational facilities
patruus 100
Output el/th (kW):
100 kWel / 130 kWth
Istituto Salesiano Bologna

The Don Bosco Institute of the Madonna di San Luca in Bologna is one of the most famous public schools in Italy and was founded in the year 800. In the process of renewing the heating system, a diesel boiler was replaced with a cutting-edge combined heat and power plant from 2G.

The patruus provides dependable heating for the ancient school building.

The patruus 100 from 2G runs on natural gas and is installed in an existing building. The CHP has an electrical output of 100 kW and a thermal output of 130 kW. To keep noise down, the unit was installed in a sound cap which reduces sound emissions to roughly 65 dB (A) at a distance of one metre from the plant. Supplying the school with heat is especially important in the winter. This makes it understandable that the installation called not only for a highperformance system, but also one requiring very little maintenance to make sure that the school can run without interruptions.

The investment will pay off in just a few  years.

The patruus 100 is a reliable and highly efficient  system with a total efficiency rating of nearly 85 percent. The plant supplies a good three quarters of the heating energy the school needs. 70 percent of the electrical energy which the CHP generates is for internal consumption, while the remaining 30 percent is fed into the public grid. Even though the combined heat and power plant is only operated from October to May, investors estimate a payback period of just five years.