High-quality painting, efficient drying

Italian furniture supplier invests in higher energy efficiency
To stay competitive in the future, the furniture manufacturer has invested in a CHP system and thus in greater efficiency.

Facts & figures

Manufacturing industry
agenitor 312
Output el/th (kW):
450 kWel / 481 kWth
La Torniveneta S. r. l.

La Torniveneta is a leading Italian manufacturer of high-quality painted and veneered furniture fronts and components. “Our customers include the best furniture manufacturers in Italy and throughout Europe,” explained Technical Manager Renato Anzanello.

CHP unit installed in record time
“In order to remain competitive with international competition in the future, we chose to invest in a CHP plant and thus higher efficiency.” The agenitor 312 from 2G has an electrical output of 450 kW and a thermal output of 481 kW with an impressive overall efficiency of 84.8%. The plant was installed in a sound-insulated standard container in record time and supplies the production with electrical power and heat. The heat is used primarily for quick and consistent drying of the painted furniture parts.


“We are extremely satisfied with the unique quality and competence of 2G.”

Renato Anzanello | Technical Manager | La Torniveneta


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