The proven classic

140–263 kW

Fuel types:

Reliable by tradition

Tried and tested technology for demanding applications – the patruus by 2G

Thanks to its engine technology that has proven its worth in practice for over a decade, the patruus is a safe bet in matters of efficient heat and power production. In the performance range of up to 260 kW, the oldest member of the 2G family provides public pools, educational institutions, care facilities and other establishments all over the globe with sustainable energy - always precisely calibrated for the individual requirements.

Our technology

What are the main features of the patruus?

This CHP series is based on 2G's proven and highly efficient technology. The main component of this series is a ready-to-connect and easy-to-install module equipped with a standard industrial Otto cycle motor, a torsion-resistant steel profile frame, a control cabinet with PLC control and a control unit.

Your advantages

What are the strong suits of the patruus?

Customizable configuration

Fulfills various requirements thanks to the possibility to choose between an aspirated and a turbocharged engine

Enormous reliability

Durable operation thanks to proven engine technology

Innovative design

The ready-to-connect, modular construction facilitates the installation in locations that are difficult to access

Low operating costs

Lowers the operating costs through its robust and low-maintenance construction

Technical details

How efficient is our patruus ?

400 V - (up to 0.05 g NOₓ possible, depending on the catalyst)

Type Configuration Output Electrical level
electrical thermal electrical thermal Overall
patruus 140 as80-1 140 kW 207 kW 36.5 % 53.9 % 90.4 %
patruus 263 as80-1 263 kW 405 kW 36.3 % 56.0 % 92.4 %


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